Women's hair loss turbans - Style: Jenny

<p>Classic turban for womens hair loss. Chic and smart chemo headwear to return back to work. This style can also be worn with cancer scarves for colour and volume.</p>
Turbans - Jenny Turbans - Jenny Turbans - Jenny Turbans - Jenny

37.00 +VAT

Jenny is a classic turban style draped in super soft viscose jersey. It comes in 3 super smart colours for office wear, or dressing up and going out wear! Very chic in its plain understated way, all the detail is in the drape and cut of the jersey as it wraps around the head. Giving you plenty of scope to accessorise with jewellery and scarves, and maximum flexibility to co-ordinate with lots of items from your wardrobe.
The height at the top of the hat gives great shape to the head and just makes it look super glamorous without having to try too hard! Joan Collins eat your heart out! You may even be tempted to call everybody 'Darling!' whilst wearing it! (By the way no apologies for the thermal vest - it was a cold day!!

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Womens Hair Loss Swatches
Womens Hair Loss Swatches
Womens Hair Loss Swatches


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Cost:37.00 +VAT