Women's hair loss turbans - Style: Katia

<p>Fashion turban for chemo headwear by Suburban Turban - elegant, soft and ultra wearable hats and turbans</p>
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46.00 +VAT

Katia a fashion turban designed with extra height at the front. (The turban is completely pre-draped and stitched in position.) The soft jersey fabric wraps over at the front of the turban, revealing the pretty Moroccan inspired print underneath (black and white version). The turban is also available in solid black, or solid cream.

If you're looking for a turban shape that is a little unusual - Katia is well worth a try. Top tip - turbans are easy to look ultra-sophisticated and elegant in!! But they do require a certain amount of confidence to wear - if you can muster your inner 'Joan Collins', we can virtually guarantee you will have a wonderful day wearing a turban!

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Womens Hair Loss Swatches
Womens Hair Loss Swatches
Womens Hair Loss Swatches


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Cost:46.00 +VAT