Women's hair loss turbans - Style: Hedy

<p>Classic chemo fashion turban style - chic summer chemo headwear.</p>
Turbans - Hedy Turbans - Hedy Turbans - Hedy Turbans - Hedy

36.00 +VAT

Hedy a fashion turban style that simply pulls on and is worn slightly off to one side. (The turban is completely pre-draped and stitched in position.) We've called the print 'Dark Vine' - a black leaf print on a champagne light beige background. In the front folds of the turban are 4 small black acrylic tiles to add a little 'gem-tastic' touch! (see swatch for closer view) Print is wonderful for distracting the eye and disguising defined head shape - nobody will think cancer hair loss when out and about, simply great fashion look.

Turbans are very much on trend at the moment and we've hat lots of requests for smart elegant chemo headwear that is soft and easy to wear well. This style could take you to Goodwood, Ascot, a summer wedding, or perhaps a little less exciting - back to work!

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Cost:36.00 +VAT