Women's hair loss summer hats - Style: Keep It Under Your Hat 2

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Summer Hats - Keep It Under Your Hat 2 Summer Hats - Keep It Under Your Hat 2 Summer Hats - Keep It Under Your Hat 2 Summer Hats - Keep It Under Your Hat 2

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At this time of year we are often asked by mothers' of the bride, wedding guests, race goers how can they wear the hat of their dreams, whilst experiencing significant hair loss? There really is no need for hair loss to stop you from looking totally fabulous at your big occasion. Here is the 'Keep It Under Your Hat' turban, which is exactly what it is constructed to do but we hope you'll pass it on to any woman who needs to be in the know!

This hat turban for womens hair loss is made from soft viscose jersey with minimal fabric underneath the hat to keep you cool, whilst the 'on show' portion is softly draped for an elegant look. It creates a definite 'fashion' look and will draw admiring glances for all the right reasons! So if you really can't face the thought of having to wear your hat over your wig, this is a real alternative.

Version 2 is to be worn under a full hat i.e the crown of the head is completely covered. As you can see from our model pictures (shown without hat!) the seams are on display as they go inside the hat, and another reason for this of course is comfort. It enables us to use only one layer of fabric under the hat and that fabric is seam free next to your skin. (There is a seam running around the head fitting, but this seems to get lost as it is where the hat rests on your head.)

There is then a small draped band which fills in the nape of the neck and round the back of the ears. Once again the top tip here is for the front of the turban to disappear underneath the front brim, so that is doesn't create a harsh line around your face. When ordering or hiring your hat you must ensure the hat is at least 1 cm bigger than your head fitting size, so that the turban easily fits under the hat. Initially available in easy to co-ordinate navy, black and white. If you have a particular colour in mind please email us direct and we can always check our jersey stock to see if we can help. So hats on for this summer's high days and holidays!

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