Winter hats for women with hair loss

If you're looking for 'normal' hat styles that simply look stylish and are ultra warm to wear - look no further! Gorgeous designs specifically selected with womens hair loss in mind. All styles are cut deeper than your average chemo hat, and can be worn with a light jersey chemo cap underneath for double comfort and warmth! We'll hope you'll find this range super wearable 'blend in' chemo headwear and useful for all female hair loss conditions.

Womens hair loss winter-hats Esther
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss winter-hats Irina 2
Irina 2
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss winter-hats Marni
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss winter-hats Emerson
33.33 +VAT
Womens hair loss winter-hats Ruby
39.00 +VAT