Headbands for women with hair loss

Headbands for patchy female hair loss and to wear post-treatment when hair re-growth has reached a stage where there is too much hair to wear under a wig comfortably, but not quite enough to 'go it alone'. These beautifully coloured silk square scarves can add some flattering width to your face or useful coverage that nobody would think twice about. They can also be used as cancer scarves to ring the changes over existing items of headwear. (The fine silk will add very little 'tog factor' to your headwear for hair loss.)

Womens hair loss headbands Jersey Alice headband
Jersey Alice headband
7.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss headbands Nancy - patchy hair loss evening band
Nancy - patchy hair loss evening band
30.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss headbands Silk headbands for patchy hair loss
Silk headbands for patchy hair loss
30.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss headbands Kirsty
22.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss headbands Isla
22.50 +VAT