Hats for women with hair loss

'Normal' hat styles for female hair loss that simply look stylish and are ultra comfy to wear. Gorgeous designs specifically made with hair loss in mind - soft fabrics for sensitive scalp conditions, folds of fabric to provide volume around the head and disguise defined headshape. All styles are cut deeper than your average chemo hat, made in lightweight 'indoor' wear fabrics. We'll hope you'll find this range of chemo caps really wearable and useful for womens hair loss all year round.

Womens hair loss hats Kimmy + 2 Tone Infinity Band
Kimmy + 2 Tone Infinity Band
31.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Alma 2
Alma 2
36.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Rae
37.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Bea
29.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Zip Wear Cap
Zip Wear Cap
38.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Tina - Blue Peony
Tina - Blue Peony
41.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Kimmy
27.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Selina
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Tina - Aquarius
Tina - Aquarius
41.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Selina in solid colours
Selina in solid colours
38.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Fleur
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Genevieve
41.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Lizzie
29.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Bobbi
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Lana 2
Lana 2
38.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Gemma - Hot Earth
Gemma - Hot Earth
39.50 +VAT
Womens hair loss hats Inga
39.50 +VAT