Back to Work hats for women with hair loss

If you've decided not to wear a wig but are now ready to return to work, than an urban turban, a chic chemo cap or a stylish chemo hat might be just what is required to face the office crowd. Or maybe you have an important family event, social fixture, that you don't want to miss due to female hair loss. If you're feeling a little 'What can I wear to the ball?', take a look at our evening cocktail chemo hats Ava and Beatrix.

Womens hair loss business-hats Harlow
38.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Gigi
48.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Ava
48.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Celeste
45.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Ava Blue
Ava Blue
43.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Suzie
42.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Alicia
95.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Margot
65.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Gemma - Cerise Check
Gemma - Cerise Check
38.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Annie - wig liner
Annie - wig liner
4.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss business-hats Poppy brooch - crochet
Poppy brooch - crochet
14.17 +VAT