Women's hair loss more scarves - Style: Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf

Beautiful silk chemo headscarves for glamorous evening or daywear - find them at Suburban Turban
More Scarves - Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf More Scarves - Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf More Scarves - Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf More Scarves - Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf More Scarves - Denim Dahlia Silk Scarf

28.75 +VAT

Scarf tying trends are always changing, so we've been looking at new ways to tie chemo headscarves. This headwrap has a retro 'Land Girl' 1950's feel to it. Easy to do and depending on how big your scarf is dictates how much height you can achieve with the front knot. One thing worth mentioning is that scarf fabric and print are all important here - this beautiful silk print lifts the look and avoids anyone thinking you're about to start the housework! The silk scarf gives it a dressy twist and the rich vibrant colours mean this could easily become an evening look.

We will be launching a new tying guide, but for now here are the simple instructions. Fold the scarf in half lengthways so that you have a square 88 x 110 cms, folded on the diagonal. Bend over and place the fold on the nape of the neck with the triangular point at the front of your head. Gather the scarf ends on either side of your head and tie a knot at the front, capturing the point of the triangle underneath the knot.

You can stand up now, look in the mirror, adjust the position of the knot and roll the triangular point over and behind the knot. This leaves you with the scarf ends rather like floppy bunny ears - wrap these around the knot to form a lose 'bun', tuck in the ends and/or hold in place with a hair elastic. (One is supplied with the scarf). Model's head fitting is 56 cms. There is plenty of scarf (dimensions are 175 x 110 cms) to cater for larger head fittings to achieve the same look.

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Cost:28.75 +VAT