Women's hair loss back to work hats - Style: Gigi

<p>Have you been searching for distinctive headwear that doesn't look like 'hair loss' headwear? Let us introduce you to 'Gigi' - a super elegant turban.</p>
Back to Work hats - Gigi Back to Work hats - Gigi Back to Work hats - Gigi Back to Work hats - Gigi Back to Work hats - Gigi

48.00 +VAT

Great news - this season headwear is huge on the catwalk. Oversized bow headbands and silk turbans are everywhere. We specialise is designing hair loss headwear and we are regularly asked for distinctive styles that simply look good. 'Gigi' is our latest gorgeous design released in 'Petrol Blue'.

Does this look like your average 'practical' head covering? We'd say 'No!' Turbans are fabulous to wear and can make you feel like a film star, even on a tired day! The turban is lined with soft stretch viscose jersey, but it is the drape fabric on this turban that makes it so fabulous. It has volume and height, it doesn't crush, or crease and comes in this rich vibrant colour.  We've kept the design simple to show off the qualities of the lovely fabric. 'Gigi' is much more than a head covering for hair loss - order now you won't be disappointed!

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Cost:48.00 +VAT