Intermediate level  2- Turban tying womens hair loss scarf

This turban looks super stylish and in our book presents a confident fashion look all of its own, no hint of ‘patient wear’ it simply looks very chic. 

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1 and 2 – Take a long scarf (minimum of 80 x 200+cms) and open it out.  The more tightly crinkled your scarf the better.  Place over the top of your head with approx 20 cms hanging down on the wearer’s left and the rest of the scarf hanging on the right. You can fold the edge over nearest your face, it this makes it easier to start the wrap. Move the ‘ends’ behind your shoulders.

Step 3 – Take the short end and draw it across the back of your head, ensuring you fold over the back of the scarf, fully covering the back of your head.  You scrunch up the end or simply fold it over flat depending on how much volume/shape you want at the back of your head.  Pick up the long right end and draw it over, continuing to tuck in so that the scarf feels nice and snug on your head at this stage.  It is important to take a little time here, as this creates the fit of the head wrap.  You can continue to tuck and fold until all ends are tidied away.

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Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 4 – Then wrap the scarf around your head, keeping it flat and opened out, you can see this in the picture taken of the front view of the head wrap at this stage.

Step 5 – Katia is shown slowly winding the scarf around her head, keeping the wrap tightest around the bottom of the scarf (nearest your face) and letting the fabric at the top of the scarf ‘flare’ slightly and stand up.  This creates the fit of the turban, so take it slowly to ensure a snug comfortable fit.

Step 6 – shows the wrap from the back again and how the scarf is layering up.

turban turban  

Step 7

Step 8


Step 7 – shows how much scarf remains once wrapped properly round the head. 

Step 8 – all that remains is to tuck the end up under the wrapped scarf just behind your left ear (if you have a small head fitting, anything less than 56cms) or your right ear for larger head fittings using more of the scarf in the wrapping (anything up to about 59/60cms).  Looking at the final view taken from the front, the scarf end adds a little flattering detail.  You may well have to experiment here - too much scarf dangling and you'll need to lengthen your short end and tuck in a little more at the back of your head at step 3.  Not enough of a scarf end to dangle (for larger head fittings) take the short end as short as you can at step 3, using just enough to secure it at the back of your head.

Final Look  – is simply to go back and tidy the ‘crown rim’ created by the scarf fabric.  You'll need to be quite confident in your head wrapping to wear this style ‘worry free’.  There are no knots to secure; this style is held in place by the qualities of the cotton scarf (it is super lightweight and won’t slip) and the snugness of your wrapping.  Be ready to razzle dazzle your friends... after a little practice!

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