Step out at the school gates with confidence in stylish cancer headgear


Britt - winter chemo hat  - warm and cosy for the playground, or this week's team game

All mums will have spent a fair part of the recent summer holidays preparing their little darling for their first day at school - or back to school: new shoes, tick; new uniform (slightly too big), tick; the latest craze book bag and pens, tick; neatly cut hair, tick; alarm clock set - and all of a sudden, the nerves start really jangling.

Nerves for the little ones for whom starting ‘big school’ is a real milestone in their life - and that of their parents. What is all this ‘big school’ talk all about, will I like my teacher, where’s the toilet? And the parents - will they make friends, will they cry and miss home, will they get to sit on the ‘top table’ (by whatever name it goes these days), and everything else associated with stepping up and letting go.

And then a different kind of nerves, all right, nagging concerns, for the mums on the school run - the school gates style police. It’s the unspoken shift away from idle chat about how your little 'star' is coping to the blink of an eye glances sizing up your choice of outfit - did you bother to look in the mirror before you bundled everyone into the car leaving a trail of porridge behind you (or down your top), didn’t she wear that top yesterday, didn’t you see it on the sale rail at the end of last season, she must be a professional working mum because no-one else could manage those heels for longer than a shimmy across the office to the water cooler, I can’t believe she REALLY goes straight off to the gym in that lycra every morning, do you possess a hairbrush or are you channelling your earth mother image - you can hear them now.

And for all of the above examples, there will be good reasons - or no reasons other than just the sheer practicality of getting oneself and child/children up, dressed, fed and out of the house in one piece.

Indeed, mumsnet, the online parenting channel, has frequent discussion threads running about dealing with school gate anxieties.

 warm winter chemo hats - styles and tips

Ebba - soft chemo beanie                                                                               Mallory - chemo beanie

Then add into that mix the headache for any poor mum confronting all those common scenarios whilst facing the biggest battle of her life - cancer. Or those for whom hair loss is a fact of daily life, for whatever reason, and they desperately wish it wasn’t. Daunting doesn’t come close.

Few if any of the other school gate crowd might know about that mum’s situation - yet how often do we hear that context is everything?

We can’t promise to make those rude stares stop or silence those judgemental comments behind people’s backs by insensitive outsiders.

But what we can do here at Suburban Turban is offer a wide range of chemo hats, headscarves and turbans to help you rock your best look, no matter how you’re feeling underneath it all, because we know it’s not just for children where the playground can be a pretty cruel place.

everyday chemo headwear can look stylish 

Bea - chemo beanie                                                                                        Kimmy and infinity headband

We know people’s ability to deal with social situations might be knocked by their health issues and consequent appearance, but we do our best to take away any feelings of discomfort and replace them with new found confidence, with headgear that either makes a bold statement or is subtle enough to not turn heads - you choose.  We realise headwear for hair loss has to cover off 'the practical' but we're also interested in how you want to feel when wearing it.

We stock fashion turbans, elegant headpieces and stylish hats that hide hair loss no matter what the cause, enabling wearers to step out with a new spring in their step, ready to face all kinds of daily challenges - including hanging out with the dreaded school gates posse.  

Contact us today to discuss your hair loss issues and how our simple but effective headgear options could turn your world around in just a few days.
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