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Alopecia Bride

This month’s newsletter seemed an excellent excuse to use a wonderful photograph, after all it is the month for romance! So to this month’s question what to wear on your big day when you have total hair loss/Alopecia?

Your wedding day, in any girl’s notebook, has to be in the Top 10 of life’s great moments. At the end of last year Carol, the gorgeous lady you see on our home page currently, needed a headdress for her wedding day. Carol has never worn a wig preferring to wear hats, she has Alopecia Totalis, and saw no reason to change her personal style for her wedding day. Finding a dress – she was spoilt for choice! Finding something to wear on her head - not quite so easy.

alopecia wedding hatsSo I had the exciting brief of designing her bridal headdress. To be clear here this is not simply designing a cream beanie, there should be a sense of theatre in a headdress. Every bride wishes to look stunning, and I’m regularly asked to ‘knock 10 years off’ but as a designer you’re trying to do all of the above (!) and convey something of the person wearing the hat. Carol like many brides had fixed ideas of what she was searching for. ‘Swan Lake’ needed to be avoided at all costs but some of that ethereal elegance is no bad thing on your big day!

Hair loss headwear has to work on many levels, none more so than its practical constraints but it must engender confidence and a ‘comfortableness’. If the style is right it simply becomes an extension of that person and then there is a very real sense of liberation. On the road to recovery this can only have positive benefits, in this instance it was freedom of expression – Carol could be herself. I hope you’ll agree her courage not to ‘conform’ created something really very special.

Hat notes - The headdress is made from cream silk jersey, a beautiful fabric that keeps you warm but allows your head to breathe. It has a soft sheen to it that just fits with beautiful bridal fabrics. Carol was wearing a column dress, so we took this into consideration and didn’t make the headdress overly bouffant. The headdress had to go from day into evening, once on it wasn’t coming off, so veiling was kept contemporary and minimalist!

special events hatturbans for events If you have a special event coming up, anything from a christening to an award ceremony, here are a few ideas to consider. Cocktail caps can look très chic and carry you from day into evening.  If you’re experiencing significant hair loss and feel you can’t wear that splendid hat sitting on top of your wardrobe – think again!  A simple under turban in black jersey, or a contrasting or matching jersey colour can suddenly make it practical (see photo).  Please contact us via the website for more info. Classic turban shapes such as Claudia and Jenny (see above) are dressy styles that drape the head – it is worth remembering detail going around the head distracts the eye from a pronounced head shape.

Next month Spring/Summer arrives and we can get all ‘Grace Kelly’ with a headscarf!

Nicky - UrbanHatter