What Makes Hats for Female Hair Loss Different to Ordinary Hats?

Wigs and hats are the obvious choice to disguise the fact that a man or woman is losing/has lost their hair. But sometimes wigs can be discarded as too hot, itchy and uncomfortable to be wearable for long periods.  This can result in women losing confidence, not going out and feel increasingly isolated.
Hair loss, especially for women is often devastating and, in the case of hair loss caused by chemotherapy, may be even more upsetting than the diagnosis of cancer itself.  This is one reason why the Cancer Services Partnership Group hosted an evening at Denbies Vineyard in Surrey for a diverse audience of carers, hairstylists, therapists and patients.

Wigs, yes, but wigs styled to flatter and reflect that person’s own unique personality and styled by Trevor Sorbie MBE. And hats! Nicky Smetham, founder of Suburban Turban was inundated by women, who had tried and failed to find hats, delighted to find a selection of such normal, fashionable hats to wear.

Fashionable Hats for Hair Loss
Nicky started Suburban Turban two years ago.  “I’ve been a milliner working with the ‘flamboyant’ for so many years, now I’m asked for headwear that simply ‘blends in’.  I can tell you which one is harder to design for and it isn’t Ascot!” After the introduction, Nicky took to the stage with her model, Katia, to run through the type of demonstration she runs at her frequent workshops.

Why Suburban Turban Hats? 
Why not any old hat?  Well, for a start, what the hat is made of is important. This is obvious when you think about it - hats that are in direct contact with the skin need to be soft and allow the skin to breathe. Hats in natural fibres or with cotton linings, that are washable are ideal.  Look out for deep cut styles, that come lower at the neck for secure coverage. This means you don’t have to pull the whole hat down over your ears, distorting the shape of the hat and creating a less than ‘stylish’ look!  It can be a common mistake, particularly in winter to buy hats purely for warmth.  Select a lighter weight fabric and you won’t run the risk of overheating and can easily transfer between indoor and outdoor situations. 
Shape is important -  go for styles that don’t hug the head, fabric wrapped around the head or some sort of trim detail i.e. a fabric flower are softer, easier looks to wear.  Our faces aren’t symmetrical so details off to one side often enhance our face shapes.

Taking out her tape measure, Nicky asked how many people knew their head measurement. Not many, judging by the deafening silence.  Most High Street hats are made to a standard measurement – around 56-57 cms.  Nicky then showed how to measure a head and Katia’s turned out to be 52cm so standard hats would be too big for her and would sit too low on the forehead.  Nicky’s advice that there is a hat style out there for everyone it just takes time to find it, may seem rather cold comfort.  But once you know your size and what suits you it should shorten the search.  Once found buy it in every available colour!

Women often discard scarves as being too ‘fiddly’ – far from it!
“Scarves”, Nicky advised, “Are an essential tool to have in your hair loss kitbag”.  Again not just any scarf will look glamorous.  Nicky showed how scarves that have some texture or print to them will disguise that defined head shape so many women feel conscious of without hair.  Beware of any fabric that feels too slippy, it will do the same on your scalp and won’t remain securely tied.  She then demonstrated how to tie a scarf, showing just how easy this can be!

Top tips for looking good
“Don’t forget colour”, added Nicky, “especially if you want to wear a scarf in the evening, co-ordinating the scarf’s colour with your eyes and selecting jewel-like colours that add warmth and compliment your colouring are a good idea. Without hair, the eyes can become the dominant feature of your face. Also offsetting knots and bow tie ends can add width to the head and create a flattering profile.”

Looking Good to Boost Self-Confidence
After Nicky’s presentation, Trevor Sorbie took to the stage to emphasise how customising an off the shelf wig can make the difference between obvious and undetectable.  SuburbanTurban works in conjunction with organisations such as ‘Look Good Feel Better’ and ‘Face Forward’ to help with all aspects of appearance and morale. If you’re unsure about hats or what suits you, there are more information pages contained within the Lounge area of the site.  Nicky welcomes one to one appointments, please ring to make an appointment and discuss your requirements.

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