Choose the right colours for your headwear to get beautiful results and stunning effect!

Choosing headwear can be challenging at the best of times.  Whether it is that spectacular hat for a special occasion, or just keeping your head and ears warm on a winter’s day, you have to get it just right.  Get it wrong and you get it REALLY wrong!

One-offs, fashion statement or simple practicalities, however you decide to use headwear, it’s a very personal choice.  But because of its inherent prominence, being on the ‘top’ of our heads, it needs to suit us, make us look and feel great, and above all we should feel completely comfortable when wearing it.

So how do you make sure you get it right?

Understanding your face shape is the first step.  The shape of your face is a key factor in selecting the best headwear for you.

However, colour is also a huge influence on what works and what doesn’t for each individual.  When you wear colours near your face, light reflects off it and this can cast either flattering tones or dark shadows over your face, depending on your skin tone – this is why it is helpful to work out the best colours for you.

There is a psychological aspect to colour too.  Soft and light tones, for example, make us seem approachable and may help us feel calmer, whereas brighter, more vibrant colours may come across as “go getting” and make us feel cheerful.

Historically, colour analysis provides a framework to help us understand what colours suit each person, and how individuals can look their best, by combining their ‘personal best’ colours together.

The process of determining your best colours is done by analysing hair and eye colour along with skin tone, producing instantly visible results in your style choices.  If you are experiencing hair loss, through chemo treatment, alopecia, lupus, trichotillomania (hair pulling) or the female equivalent of male baldness – androgenetic alopecia, this could be seen as a challenge.

Not so.  The fact it takes away one of the elements of colour analysis, doesn’t necessarily make it a harder process.  Without our hair to dominate our features there is a clear choice, the next most prominent aspect of our faces is our eyes.

Many people believe that our eyes are the windows to our souls.  In terms of colour analysis, they are also the windows to our personalities and therefore our inner (and resulting outer) style.  Our personalities are fundamental in the way we communicate with people and so choosing the right colours to match our personalities is important to getting it right.

For the 1.6 million women in the UK who are now coping with significant hair loss*,  a good way to improve self image and confidence is to gain a better understanding of their personal colouring and to experiment with colours they like.

What colours would suit me?

• If you have light coloured eyes, pale blue, grey or light green eyes, you will look better in light coloured headwear.  Black would simply be too harsh and severe and cast dark shadows over your face.  Choosing a stone or pewter-coloured piece of headwear will result in a more flattering look.

• If you have dark coloured eyes you will look better in rich coloured and darker headwear.

• If you have green, brown or blue eyes with freckles on your skin or a golden glow, you will look great in warm colours such a chocolate brown or coral pink.

• Women with grey, blue, green or clear brown eyes with pink undertones to your skin then you look best in “cool” colours such as grey or sky blue.

• Are your eyes bright and shiny, often remarked upon by others or called jewel-like?  Whether they are blue, green or topaz, they are usually the first thing people notice about you.  You look best in brighter colours such as emerald, turquoise or blush pink to bring out the sparkle in your eyes and more muted colours such as taupe and pewter should be livened up with brighter shades from your pallet.

• Do you have eyes that are a soft and muted colour - blue, brown, hazel or green or that often change in colour?  You need soft muted colours such as natural beige or cocoa to enhance yourself and avoid being overpowered by colours that are too strong for you.

Colour Matching

Eye Colour

 Subtle Headwear Colours

 Vibrant Headwear Colours


Stone or Pewter

 Light Apricot or Geranium Red


Black or Burgundy 

 Purple or Scarlet Red


Chocolate Brown or Moss Green

Aqua or Terracotta


Grey or Dark Navy

Sky Blue or Hot Pink


Taupe or Pewter

Emerald Turquoise or Blush Pink


 Natural Beige or Cocoa 

Jade or Soft Violet

When you master your own personal colouring you will find people will start talking to your eyes and this inevitably draws attention away from any hair loss.

Try standing in front of a mirror and see the effect that different colours have on your own individual look.  Remember too, co-ordinate your make-up in a way you are comfortable with – more hints and tips about this coming soon.

What do I do next?
1. Analyse your personal colouring
2. Work out which colours suit you best
3. Understand what colours you feel great in
4. Understand your face shape – check out relevant information at
5. Then start FEELING GREAT!!

For more information about colour analysis or to find out more about your own personal colouring with a one-to-one or group consultation contact Liz Scott on 01932 784467

*Statistical information quoted from ‘The hope and hair restorer...’ Norman Miller, The Times Saturday, November 11 2006.

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