Suburban Turban Hats for women with hair loss FAQ's


How can I return an item?

Please return unwanted items to us second class post (UK) or international airmail (EU / rest of world). You can use the original mailing bag. Covering your address and indicating the return address on the main postage label. Please place a copy of the invoice in the parcel and note your return / exchange request. Don't forget to request a certificate of posting. As soon as we receive it we will email to confirm receipt / refund / exchange.

How quickly can I receive my parcel?

We aim to deliver within 8-10 working days. However we regularly achieve delivery within 1 week, depending on stock levels at the time the order request is placed. Urgent requests are considered and we do are very best to deliver part of the order, if not the complete order, so that our clients receive something to wear as soon as possible.

Why are your hats more expensive than others I have seen for hair loss?

Our hats are not factory produced, each hat is hand finished and the trim details are designed with this in mind. The hats we supply are sized, we don’t just sell hats in a regular head fitting but grade our styles to fit certain head fitting sizes. The fabrics we select from are ‘fashion’ fabrics – not the cheapest, but then we don’t think man made fibres are very pleasant to wear. Our viscose jerseys are selected for their 'stretch return' qualities i.e how they perform after washing again and again. None of what we supply is produced in large volumes and the majority of what we supply is made in the UK! This does make it a more expensive product for us to buy but we feel it is worth it to have the control and contact with our suppliers. Many of our ladies do return to us, therefore the quality and fit of Suburban Turban headwear seems to speak for itself.

Do I have to order on line?

Ordering over the internet is the quickest way to receive goods. However if you prefer to talk to a real person please call us on +44 (0)1306 640123 and we'll take your order details over the phone for you.

Do you have to use terms such as 'cancer headwear' or 'chemo scarves' on the site?

Some ladies may find these less than flattering terms when looking for a little retail therapy. We’d prefer not to use them but the straight forward explanation is that as search terms, they help you find what you need when using a search engine. Tap in a more generalized search term such as ‘hats’ and you’ll find everything from wedding hats to snow boarding helmets. How you found us is by Suburban Turban using those exact terms on our website pages. So we use them and then we neatly forget all about them and concentrate on stylish headwear that looks good!

I don’t have a tape measure to measure my head fitting. How can I measure my head?

A piece of string or ribbon will do. Stand in front of the mirror, check that you have positioned it ‘Red Indian’ style around your head i.e. straight across your forehead and level from that point all the way round your head. Carefully make a mark with a pencil or pen where the ends meet, and then measure with a ruler. (Your head fitting should be in the region of 52-59cms/ 20"-23.5".)

I don’t feel confident about ordering over the web?

Then please email or call us, we're happy to discuss the range, styles, colour options and take payments over the phone. If you have an email address we can then automatically alert you once your parcel is dispatched.

Can I contact you by phone?

Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9.00 – 5.00 pm. We maybe busy in the workroom but you can always leave a message on the answer machine. Please leave your name, contact number and a brief message as to your query and we'll aim to get back to you within 24/48 hours. (If you have a query about an existing order or want to return an item, via email is often quicker and easier for us to respond to your order number.)

I received the wrong item. What do I do now?

Regrettably mistakes can happen. Please contact us via email : quoting your order number, name and address, details of the product and the reason for its return, and whether you require a replacement, or refund. We will then contact you and advise you how to proceed.

When will I receive my replacement item?

Before contacting us please note the following timescales. - Please allow us three days from receipt of a package to process it and prepare the exchange. - Once the package has been dispatched please allow up to 4 working days in the UK for delivery, up to 8 working days in the EU for delivery and up to 2 weeks in the rest of the world.

Why have you not refunded the delivery charge?

Delivery charges i.e. the amount you paid for P &P to have the order delivered to you are non-refundable.

Do I have to pay import charges?

Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches its destination country. Any charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these and they vary from country to country. Most countries within the EU do not impose duties, however countries outside the EU i.e. America will.