Here is the Christmas Edit 2018 - opulent colours and mix of wearable styles to make the festive season effortless.  You can step out in confidence and have a little festive fun with your hair loss headwear.

Hutton - evening wear fashion turban

If you have a special event coming up this season, you'll need a stunning turban to wear!

This pre-tied / draped turban simply pulls on and you're ready to go!  A fitted inner cap is made of soft viscose jersey.  Over the top we've used a leopard print satin fabric that is draped by hand to give you the perfect evening turban for hair loss.

This style is available in sizes and sits low onto the nape of the neck.  But hurry - order yours now in time for Christmas!

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  evening wear hair loss turban  gold leopard turban for hair loss


Ava - cocktail chemo hat

Beautiful Ava - if you have an evening do coming up and you're feeling 'featherless' and need something chic, let us introduce you to Ava. Silky satin turban for womens hair loss hat comes with a Swarvoski crystal brooch to help you look 'turban-tastic'!
Ava is made from viscose lycra jersey, with a polyester satin trim, draped over to one side and stitched in place. Depending on where you're going and how you're feeling, you can up the 'oomph' factor and wear with brooch or without for a more subtle approach. Sits nice and deep on the neck and fits snug to the head underneath, so she won't slide down or go askew. This cocktail hat could really become a girl's best friend.....

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Harlow - hat for hair loss

We like to keep our chemo hat designs looking a little unique so fabrics are key - this one looks a little 'Missoni-esque' and feels like 'nothing at all' on your head.  Great if you're worrying about over-heating or lasting the entire evening in your wig. The interior of the hat is lined with soft viscose jersey. Take a closer look at the swatch but the jersey isn't overly 'blingy' - it does have a slight sheen to it, but we think more monochrome than 'sparkly'!

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designer chemo hats for evening wear          evening wear hats for hair loss

Valentina - stylish hat for hair loss

Stunning deep red turban for dressy evening wear - if you've got the function of the year coming up you'll need a turban to dazzle your audience!  Please do not feel women's hair loss prevents you from attending the ball.  This design works because the fabric has this amazing drape quality. 

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red evening cocktail turban for hair loss  stylish evening wear chemo hats


Taylor - chemo turbans

Stunning teal evening pre-tied turban for women's hair loss, lined in our rather splendid Zebra print cotton - so cool to wear for the entire evening as well.  It has the feel of a shower cap but it is so very glamorous - I'm referring to the slight 'crispiness' about it! Turbans are classic 'go to' evening wear, you can't help but make an impact in one.  Taylor is available in Teal and Pewter.

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blue hat for hair loss   stylish evening chemo headwear

Audrey - fashion turban

We are often asked for cool lightweight headwear and so 'Audrey' was designed.  This style is 100% cotton so breathable and cool to wear BUT with plenty of volume.  Often we have to sacrifice volume because of added 'TOG' value, get the right fabric and you can have all you wish for!

This is a tie turban but VERY EASY to tie.  Audrey is a long wind sock with a hat hidden in the middle - simply pop on and wrap the ends either forward across the front or round the back of the head, depending on which you prefer.  Your head in the middle stops it moving around and tying should take moments, so easy on the under arm area too.

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red chemo hat for evening wear      back view of red chemo hat

Ritzy Mitzi - gold chemo hat for christmas

If you feel the need to be adorned this Christmas, than what better way to sprinkle your head with a little 'gold dust'! Our Ritzy Mitzi women's hair loss turban fits the bill and your head beautifully.  No need to worry about synthetics next to your skin we've lined the turban with our super soft viscose jersey.

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gold evening wear hat for hair loss    smart chemo headwear for Christmas

Mistee - back to work chemo headware

Occassionally we find a fabric that we just have to make a women's hair loss turban from - this 100% silk chiffon is such a fabric!  Beautiful print, super lightweight and a useful shade of grey, draped over a dark grey jersey base turban.  All the understated detail is in the chiffon twist at the front.

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grey back to work hat for hair loss    understated chemo headwear