Summer Hats for women with hair loss

Brimmed hats to keep you shaded from the sun and that provide complete coverage for female hair loss. Small brims that won't 'get in the way' or more glamorous brims to be seen out and about in. And of course don't forget our range of soft jersey chemo hats (found under the 'Hats' button), also provide cool, lightweight coverage during the summer months.

Womens hair loss summer-hats Jem Summer
Jem Summer
20.83 +VAT
Womens hair loss summer-hats Mila
20.83 +VAT
Womens hair loss summer-hats Keep it Under Your Hat turban 1
Keep it Under Your Hat turban 1
30.00 +VAT
Womens hair loss summer-hats Keep It Under Your Hat 2
Keep It Under Your Hat 2
28.00 +VAT