Fashionable hats for female hair loss

Losing your hair, whatever the reason, can turn your image and self-confidence upside down.  But losing your hair doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of self, your style and the need to feel attractive and feminine.  With Suburban Turban’s range of contemporary headwear, designed specifically for women who are experiencing hair loss, you can feel as gorgeous as you always did!

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alopecia hats - From our studio based in Surrey we design and make turbans and hats for female hair loss - alopecia, chemo hair loss, psoriasis, lupus or any medical condition that has hair loss symptoms. Fashionable hats that can offer you a way to regain your style and confidence, whilst taking into consideration all those essential practicalities. 

With over 15 years in the millinery profession, we at Suburban Turban know that a chemo hat, or indeed any type of headwear, needs to be both beautiful and practical.  We also feel passionately that women who are experiencing hair loss should have a choice of hats to conceal and be able to enjoy fashion in a way that leaves them feeling feminine and comfortable.  The label features contemporary urban turbans for hair loss - caps, chemo hats, cancer scarves, wide headbands for partial hair loss, cocktail hats and cosy sleep hats. We also accept special occasion requests for headwear and love to work with brides, mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids or simply 'off to the opera' moments! 

Experiencing significant or patchy female hair loss?

headwear shop - Our women's headwear is cut and draped to conceal hair loss. They may look like 'normal' hats but once you try them on you'll feel and see the difference. Fit is a key part of this difference, and this is why we size all our styles, requesting your head fitting when an order is placed. The fabrics we use are also selected for long term wear - upwards of 5 hours - so there really is no need to feel itchy or overheat whilst indoors.   We hope that you will find the range comfortable, stylish, fun and just a little bit different from other hats for cancer patients. 

Our current designs include a variety of styles that are always attractive and flattering, but have the key difference of combining soft Lycra-jersey fabric for a snug and secure fit. Many of our designs are machine washable and feel comfortable enough to wear everyday, adapting to the life you lead and thanks to the soft-style structure, coupled with lightweight fabrics, you really can forget you’re wearing them. We hope that you'll find our range easy 'pull on and go' wear, and super stylish to wear. 

VAT Exemption - If you are experiencing significant hair loss because of a medical condition, you can qualify for exemption and purchase many of our items VAT free. Once you register on the login page you can select the items you want and the system will work out the rest for you. You can view your total bill before you commit to buy, so it couldn't be easier. We hope you'll be spoilt for choice and it really does only take a minute to register! If you are an existing customer simply login again and the site will remember your status for you and calculate the order.

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